Two recruitment firms,
one unstoppable team

According to IBISWorld, the global recruitment services industry was valued at USD 554.2 billion in 2020, with a projected annual growth rate of 3.3% from 2021 to 2026.

We understand that the recruitment business is a large and competitive industry, but that’s precisely why a partnership between recruitment firms can be so beneficial:

Access to a wider talent pool

Working with another recruitment firm can expand the reach of both firms, allowing them to access a larger pool of candidates than either firm would be able to on their own. This can be especially beneficial for firms looking to fill niche or specialized roles.

talent pool

Increased industry knowledge and expertise

Collaborating with another recruitment firm can provide access to additional industry knowledge and expertise. This can help firms stay up-to-date on industry trends, understand the specific needs of clients, and develop more effective recruitment strategies.


Shared resources

By working together, recruitment firms can share resources such as candidate databases, job postings, and marketing materials. This can help firms save time and money on recruitment efforts while still delivering quality results to clients.


Enhanced reputation and credibility

By working with another reputable recruitment firm, firms can enhance their own reputation and credibility in the industry. This can be especially beneficial for smaller or newer firms that are looking to establish themselves in the market.


Increased business opportunities

Cooperation between recruitment firms can also lead to increased business opportunities, such as referrals, partnerships, and joint ventures. This can help firms expand their client base and generate more revenue over time.

business opportunity

We are ready to be your partner

Experience the safety and security of a trusted recruitment ally.

At MatchaTalent, we believe that partnership is the key to success in the recruitment industry. That’s why we offer an ideal partnership model that includes a 50:50 split fee sharing between candidate suppliers and job suppliers.
By working together to find the right candidates for our clients, we can achieve greater success and provide exceptional value to our customers. Our partnership model is built on trust, transparency, and fairness, and we’re committed to working closely with our partners to ensure that every aspect of our collaboration is secure, compliant, and aligned with our shared goals


At MatchaTalent, we’re proud to offer exceptional business opportunities for companies looking to grow and expand their teams. With the support of 150 registered recruiters, covered America, Europe, Asia continents, and an extensive database of 80,000 qualified candidates, we have the resources and expertise to help businesses of all sizes find the talent they need to succeed.

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So, what’s next?

What and who is MatchaTalent?

The only Indonesia-based recruitment company that has the concept of collaboration and partnership with recruitment networks spreading across Southeast Asia. MatchaTalent has hundreds of trained hiring partners ready to help grow your recruitment business without deducting royalties or charging any fees.

MatchaTalent’s clients come from a wide range of leading industries.

Help your next employee candidates reach their dream jobs!

I’m very grateful for the help I got from MatchaTalent. I have just graduated and I was looking for a job back then, MatchaTalent is there for helping me to find a good company. MatchTalent does not only help me but they are also being a very friendly team.

我很感谢 MatchaTalent 的帮助,刚毕业的我在寻找工作。感恩能遇到 MatchaTalent,帮助我找到了家不错的公司。MatchaTalent 不仅帮到了我他们也是个很友善的队

Yenny Pricila Budiman

Yenny Pricila Budiman


I feel very grateful to met MatchaTalent. They connect talents with promising companies, and here, today, I work with PT. Festo with great enthusiasm. This is one of the biggest deals of my life and MatchaTalent is my partner who had highly contributed in bringing me to this place.

 Bastian Ahmad Maladi

Bastian Ahmad Maladi


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