Everyone has a success story.

But the story will not be the same for everyone. You can be an athlete, a singer, or even a writer.

In MatchaTalent, you’ll find different success stories: the success of a professional recruiter.

A recruiter? How come?

Yes, we know that many people only understand the recruiting profession as an HR officer in a company.
MatchaTalent will change the way you think about the recruiting profession.

Why the recruitment business?

Because it is promising, it’s that simple. According to ResearchandMarkets.com:

The revenue of global recruitment business reaches US$ 36.2 billion in 2027. According to a McKinsey survey, Asia was recorded as having 43 percent of the top 5,000 largest companies in the world. This means, using the same percentage, the size of the recruitment business in Asia will reach US$ 15.6 billion in 2027.

A professional recruiter is a perfect combination of two virtues:

1. Helping others to get their own dream jobs and
2. Helping yourself to gain maximum earnings at the same time.

You would not do hard selling or maintaining some stock of goods (because it is purely a service).
But, you will be the one that candidates would want to find so bad.

There are not a lot of people who know this high-earning profession before, though, and it is your gain!

Okay, IF I became a professional recruiter,
what would I get?

Yes, that’s awesome.
The next questions will be:

  • How many capital and assets should you prepare?
  • How much experience do I need?
  • How could you convince your client about your quality?
  • What cutting-edge tech would you need?
  • How do you start your branding?

Introducing a mighty collaboration with MatchaTalent in building your own professional recruitment business, without the need to start it yourself, because our collaboration accelerates you to create your own success.

Find out how collaboration with MatchaTalent works by joining a Bicara Matcha Depan session. You will find out about MatchaTalent‘s vision and mission in recruitment industry, how recruiters work, and how much income our hiring partner/recruiters can generate.

What and who is MatchaTalent?

The only Indonesia-based recruitment company that has the concept of collaboration and partnership with recruitment networks spreading across Southeast Asia. MatchaTalent has hundreds of trained hiring partners ready to help grow your recruitment business without deducting royalties or charging any fees.

Personal Income Potential of Our Hiring Partner.

Not only are the candidates happy, but you will be too!
For example: You recruit one employee with monthly salary of USD 10,000.
You’ll get USD 5,000 instantly.
The bonus if for you, exclusively, from our Direct Client without taking any amount from our candidate, of course!

Candidate’s Monthly Salary

USD 10,000

Hiring Partner (You!) Income

USD 5,000

MatchaTalent’s clients come from a wide range of leading industries.


Why you should become a professional recruiter at MatchaTalent:

Help your next employee candidates reach their dream jobs!

I’m very grateful for the help I got from MatchaTalent. I have just graduated and I was looking for a job back then, MatchaTalent is there for helping me to find a good company. MatchTalent does not only help me but they are also being a very friendly team.

我很感谢 MatchaTalent 的帮助,刚毕业的我在寻找工作。感恩能遇到 MatchaTalent,帮助我找到了家不错的公司。MatchaTalent 不仅帮到了我他们也是个很友善的队

Yenny Pricila Budiman

Yenny Pricila Budiman


I feel very grateful to met MatchaTalent. They connect talents with promising companies, and here, today, I work with PT. Festo with great enthusiasm. This is one of the biggest deals of my life and MatchaTalent is my partner who had highly contributed in bringing me to this place.

 Bastian Ahmad Maladi

Bastian Ahmad Maladi


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